LOCAL PIERCERS: Mid City Voodoux Tattoos | New Orleans, Louisiana

Mid City Voodoux Piercings in New Orleans

Mid City Voodoux Tattoos
140 North Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119

Prophecies have been written about the coming of a comet, and the wake of destruction it will bring with it when it crashes to the Earth. Some cultures call it Ragnarok, others call it simply The End Times, but here in New Orleans we have come to know it and fear it as Mid City Voodoux Tattoos. Continue reading “LOCAL PIERCERS: Mid City Voodoux Tattoos | New Orleans, Louisiana”

LOCAL PIERCERS: Anchor Tattoo & Piercing | Bryant, Arkansas

Anchor Tattoo Piercings in Bryant

Anchor Tattoo & Piercing
5920 Highway 5 North
Bryant, Arkansas 72002

The home of tattooers Johnny Blues, Kyle Seal, Chad Wilburn and experienced body modification artist and owner Dustin Jackson. Continue reading “LOCAL PIERCERS: Anchor Tattoo & Piercing | Bryant, Arkansas”

LOCAL PIERCERS: Hillsborough Street Tattoo | Raleigh, North Carolina

Hillsborough Street Tattoo Piercings in Raleigh

Hillsborough Street Tattoo and Body Piercing
2402 Hillsborough St.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27607

Hillsborough Street Tattoo. We’re artists and piercers from different parts of the U.S with different styles, who share a common goal to push each others limits and aim for the best possible experience for each customer. Continue reading “LOCAL PIERCERS: Hillsborough Street Tattoo | Raleigh, North Carolina”

LOCAL PIERCERS: Diversified Ink | Bangor, Maine

Diversified Ink Piercings in Bangor

Diversified Ink
Penobscot Plaza, 51 Washington St
Bangor, Maine 04401

Diversified is pleased to offer safe and sterile body piercings on Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm, and on Friday and Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Our Senior Piercer Bethany “B” Downs, has over 15 years experience and will make sure that your piercing is done professionally and responsibly to ensure that it heals right and looks great! Continue reading “LOCAL PIERCERS: Diversified Ink | Bangor, Maine”