Stay Away From Piercing Guns

It’s never a good idea to recommend using piercing guns to anyone. There’s plenty of retail stores out there that offer this service, but keep in mind that just because it went okay for you, that doesn’t mean everyone else will share the same experience.

Piercing GunWhen you get pierced with a gun, you increase the risk of getting an infection. Sure it may seem like it only takes a second to get your piecing done, but guns are also known to jam and it’s worse if it jams on your ear. The gun may literally have to be yanked off, which can cause excessive damage and bleeding. There have also been cases of needing cosmetic surgery due to tissue trauma and tears.

Piercing guns are also reusable, difficult to sterilize and increase the chance of getting a severe and life threatening infections. This can happen to you even if you’re not the one getting pierced.

A piercing gun uses blunt force trauma when it punches through your ear. This action can launch micro blood splatters into the air, onto the gun itself or the operator’s hand, which puts everyone at risk.

Check out the video below for the proper way to get your piercing done.

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