Industrial Barbell 14g Turquoise Gemstones 1 1/2″ 38mm Blue Stones Scaffold Bar Piercing Earring Body Jewelry Cartilage Piercings


Sold individually.
14g, 1 1/2″ Straight Barbell
Triple Turquoise Stone Center
Rustic Gold Finish
5mm Ball Ends
316L ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel


Change out that old industrial bar with this elegant, yet sophisticated, triple turquoise stone barbell.

Turquoise Industrial BarbellTurquoise Industrial Barbell

Each bar is made from 316L ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel. Center piece is removable and held in place with an o-ring.

Perfect for healed piercings.

** Industrial piercings are one of the most popular types of piercings along the ear cartilage and are sometimes referred to as scaffold or construction piercings.

This specific piercing style requires a double perforation of the upper ear cartilage and is connected with a single straight barbell.

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Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in