Is Externally Threaded Jewelry Safe?

Is externally threaded jewelry safe? That’s probably one of the most talked about questions in the body piercing industry and one that also stirs debate among many. No matter where you go, you’re bound to get one side that says you should avoid it at all costs, while the other side simply disagrees. Continue reading “Is Externally Threaded Jewelry Safe?”

How to Take Care of a Nipple Piercing

So you’ve got a new nipple piercing and you’re not sure how to care for it…

For starters, let’s talk about showers. Don’t use a loofah. A nipple piercing will easily snag onto a loofah and you’re really not going to like the experience. And let’s not get into how much of a perfect home those things are for bacteria. Continue reading “How to Take Care of a Nipple Piercing”

Tongue Piercing

Getting a Tongue Piercing

Getting a tongue piercing can be a scary experience, especially if it’s your first body modification.

However, when done properly, tongue piercings are the least painful piercings you’ll ever get. Continue reading “Getting a Tongue Piercing”

Stay Away From Piercing Guns

It’s never a good idea to recommend using piercing guns to anyone. There’s plenty of retail stores out there that offer this service, but keep in mind that just because it went okay for you, that doesn’t mean everyone else will share the same experience. Continue reading “Stay Away From Piercing Guns”