Body Jewelry is manufactured in many different sizes. While shopping, you’ll see that some body jewelry is listed by their gauge size and some is listed in millimeters (mm).

Check the sizing charts below to help size your jewelry and please keep in mind that a “standard earring” is usually 20 gauge. The lower the gauge number is, the thicker the bar will be.

Below is our body jewelry sizing chart.

Gauge Size Millimeters (MM)
20 G .8 MM
18 G 1.0 MM
16 G 1.2 MM
14 G 1.6 MM
12 G 2 MM
10 G 2.4 MM
8 G 3.2 MM
6 G 4 MM
4 G 5 MM
2 G 6 MM
0 G 8 MM
00 G 10 MM

For some body jewelry, you’ll need to know the length and diameter.

  • Length: Inside length between ball ends on barbells
  • Diameter: Inside diameter for rings

  • The gauge size is determined by the thickness of the barbell.